The Best Hiking Trails Around Logan
May 17, 2018

The Best Hiking Trails Around Logan

Hiking is a fun way to take in the sights and sounds of nature.

It also provides a full cardio workout that can strengthen your core and lower your risk of heart disease.

The next time you are ready to lace up your hiking boots, here are the best trails near our apartments for rent in Logan.

Wind Cave Hiking Trail

Wind Cave is a popular trail as it leads to a delicate triple arch and a natural cave in a limestone outcropping. The formation offers scenic views of China's Wall, and hikers will also see rare plants and bats around the cave. This adventure is rated moderate, and interpretive kiosks at the start provide fascinating details about the trail.

Mill Hollow Hiking Trail

The Mill Hollow trail follows an old logging road that was used nearly one hundred years ago to bring the logs down by wagon to the sawmill. It is surrounded by mature aspen, maple, and fir trees, and spans 1.8 miles one way.

Birdsong Trail

Hikers along the Birdsong Trail enjoy picturesque views along the east bench in Ogden. It begins near the mouth of the Ogden Canyon, and it passes by six springs and a deep forest that is home to dozens of chirping birds. Parts of the trail offer a tropical rainforest feel, and visitors will want to watch for a unique tree that grows over the path.

Waterfall Canyon Trail

Those looking for a short but strenuous adventure won't want to miss Waterfall Canyon. Its steep and rocky terrain leads to an incredible two hundred-foot waterfall making it one of the area's most popular hikes.

These are just a few of the hiking trails near Falls at Riverwoods. If you are thinking about calling our community home, please contact us to arrange a tour where you can see our amenities firsthand.