Check Out Pumpkin Walk 2018 in Logan
October 04, 2018

Check Out Pumpkin Walk 2018 in Logan

Pumpkins are an iconic part of autumn. These fall staples are incredibly versatile, as we can use them to create beautiful decorations or bake them into tasty treats. Whether you prefer your pumpkins in a pie or dressing up your porch, you're sure to enjoy an awesome fall event just minutes from our apartments for rent in Logan.

Pumpkin Walk 2018

The Pumpkin Walk is a beloved North Logan tradition. Each year, the Logan community works together to create delightful scenes to celebrate autumn. This year's Pumpkin Walk takes place at Elk Ridge Park from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. on October 18-20, 22, and 23. Admission is free to the public.


Ida and Wallace Beutler began this wonderful tradition in 1983. Mrs. Beutler was a retired school teacher who loved the cheerful, non-scary side of Halloween. She created a simple display on their farm and hoped everyone passing by would enjoy it. The display was vandalized by local teens who then agreed to help the Beutler family build a new scene the following year to make up for their crime.

The Beutler's invited the community to their farm the following year to enjoy the pumpkin displays and autumn decorations, along with fresh cider and homemade cookies. Eventually, the celebration grew so much that it could no longer be held at the Beutler's farm and the city began to sponsor the event at Elk Ridge Park.

Throughout the years, the celebration has featured scenes from many popular films, including E.T., Despicable Me, Finding Dory, and Annie. The Beutler's vision for a welcoming autumn celebration has grown to host nearly 40,000 visitors each year.

Create Your Own Scene

The annual Pumpkin Walk wouldn't exist without the creativity of many talented community members. Adorable displays feature imaginative scenes with autumn favorites like ghosts, scarecrows, and the Peanuts gang. Other creative displays have depicted famous historical events, people, or places, like the first moon landing, "Mt. Squashmore", and Georgia O'Keefe painting a masterpiece.

Do you have an interesting idea for a pumpkin scene this year? Join in on the scene-makers meeting for tips regarding painting your pumpkins and making bodies. There are also numerous backdrops available for scene-makers to use.

Be A Part of the Fun!

It takes a lot of work to pull off a celebration as big as the Pumpkin Walk, and the city gladly welcomes new volunteers each year. Hundreds of carved pumpkins are needed to light the walkways. People who are handy with tools are always needed to help put the finishing touches on many scenes. If you like to interact with the visitors, witches and treat-passers are the volunteer positions for you. Of course, events like this always need a clean-up crew when the fun is over!

The Pumpkin Walk is a fantastic tradition for the entire Logan community. Please feel free to contact us to learn about other exciting attractions near your home.