Where You Can Find The Best Pizza in Logan
December 20, 2018

Where You Can Find The Best Pizza in Logan

Whether you're craving a classic pie topped with pepperoni, or a creative slice sprinkled with pineapple, you can satisfy all of your pizza wishes near our apartments in Logan.

Here are a few of our favorite pizzerias:

Fox's Pizza Den

Calling Logan home for nearly forty years, Fox's serves classic pizzas like the Deluxe, Meat Supreme, and Veggie alongside less common offerings such as the Bacon Double Cheeseburger pizza. Besides the quality, two things set Fox's apart from the competition: their very good prices and the incredible sizes of their pies. Coming in six sizes, they range from small to extra large, then into the Big Daddy and the insane 52-slice Big One.

Whether you're in the mood for all the pizza you could ever want, sandwiches, wings, or even cinnamon rolls, Fox's has you covered.

Lucky Slice Pizza

Lucky Slice serves traditional New York style pizza. If you want a whole pizza to yourself, Lucky Slice makes them in 14" and 20" varieties, but they're known more for selling it by the slice, with good reason: each slice is one-sixth of a 20" pizza. Considering a 14" pizza is what most pizzerias call 'large', it takes a hungry soul to need more than one or two slices. Mix in some wings and breadsticks, and you've got meals for everyone in your crew.

Jack's Wood Fired Oven

If you'd like to class up your pizza experience, Jack's is the place to go. It's more of an Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza than what most people think of as a pizzeria; their appetizers include soups and salads, as well as pesto bread and stuffed mushrooms, and pasta is as much a part of their menu as the pizza. Not only that, Jack's hosts live music regularly; there's live jazz every Monday night, and you can see the rest of their schedule here.

Logan's a place with good times and good pizza. If you're looking for a new apartment in the area, contact us today to see what we can do for you.