Meet Animals from Around the World at Zootah
July 03, 2019

Meet Animals from Around the World at Zootah

Just four minutes from our Logan, Utah apartments is a destination that strives to change people's lives one animal at a time.

We are talking about Zootah, and it features seven acres of tree-lined paths where visitors can learn about native and exotic species.

Animals include:

Ring-tailed Lemur

With long, vividly striped black and white tails, ring-tailed lemurs are easy to identify. They're native to Madagascar, and unlike other lemur species, they spend much of their time on the ground. In the wild, ring-tailed lemurs live in groups called troops and forage for fruit, flowers, and sap. 

Grey Crowned Crane

As one of Africa's most majestic birds, grey crowned cranes feature a crown of stiff yellow feathers tipped with black. They walk in a stately manner, and in flight, they use quick upward strokes. Grey crowned cranes are the national birds of Uganda, and there's about fifty thousand in the wild.

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac deer are barking animals that call southern Asia home. They are one of the oldest known deer species, and they fascinate biologists and researchers alike. These animals have brownish fur, and males are identified by their small antlers. The antlers are shed in May and June and are completely regrown by the end of September. 

White-cheeked Turaco

White-cheeked turacos are striking birds with blue-black crests and green body feathers. Turacos are the only bird species with a true red and green pigmentation. White-cheeked turacos live in the humid montane forests of Africa where they run through the canopy. They perch out of sight and live in flocks of up to 12 individuals.

Zootah is open year-round, and it welcomes visitors Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

If you would like to live near Zootah and other outdoor attractions, please contact us. We will gladly arrange a showing of our pet-friendly apartments in Logan, Utah where you can see our available floor plans firsthand.