Antelope Island State Park is Rich in Natural Beauty
July 18, 2019

Antelope Island State Park is Rich in Natural Beauty

Do you want to spend an exciting day outdoors?

Then gather your friends and head to Antelope Island State Park.

It's an easy drive from our Logan, Utah apartments, and is home to the largest free-roaming herd of American bison in the United States.

The park is rich in scenic beauty and natural features, and it's the biggest island on the Great Salt Lake. 


In 1845, Kit Carson and John Fremont became Antelope Island's first known Anglo explorers. They named the property after the pronghorn antelope they saw grazing on the rangeland.

The first permanent residence was constructed on the island three years later. The home is called the Fielding Garr Ranch House, and it's the oldest Anglo-built structure in Utah still on its original foundation. 

Dark Skies 

Antelope is designated as an International Dark Sky Park. This means that it offers an "exceptional quality of starry nights and nocturnal environments." Thousands of star gazers visit the park each year along with photographers who come to capture the spectacular night sky. 

Public astronomy programs are frequently offered. One of the highlights includes the Star Party. It's held several times a year, and the Ogden Astronomical Society provides telescopes for easy viewing.


With over forty freshwater springs, Antelope Island is home to an array of wildlife. In addition to the bison, you may also spot:


Badgers are powerful animals that find most of their prey by digging. They're typically found in the open, dry country of the western United States. These creatures weigh up to 26 pounds, and they're identified by their gray fur with a white stripe stretching from their nose to their back.


There are many birds at the park, including killdeer. These feathery creatures have round heads, large eyes, and short bills. They display brownish-tan feathers on top and white ones below. Watch for the killdeer on the ground as they spend most of their time running or walking. 

Antelope Island State Park.

is just one of the premier outdoor attractions near our apartments in Logan, Utah. To call our community home, please contact our leasing staff. They'd love to give you a tour.